VIP Seduction Program

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SKYPE PROGRAM (different price too!):


This is the thing you want. If you’re here, yes, then it is. You came here on Seduction Debunked, because you want to nail seduction. You want to know the ins and outs, you want to master it.


Right. In that case, you came to the right place. Because this is the program you’ve been waiting for. You will learn everything you need to learn about seduction. In a VIP manner.

It will be very exclusive to join, first come, first serve.

The program will start in September 2017 and will take 6 months to finish. Every first Saturday of the month you will participate in an exclusive, 4-hour workshop.

In those closed workshops, you get our personal and private insight in all there is to know about seduction. It’s 4 hours of hard work because you are going to be actively involved. We will work with two coaches in the sessions to make sure you guys are up for the job. John will be one of the coaches next to me, and he has with his many year’s experiences in the dating scene a lot to add to the training.

After these four hours, we go out in town. An infield. You immediately put to practice what you’ve learned. Under the guidance of us two coaches, you go out and we’ll learn you the steps in the real world!

And we do that every first Saturday of the month! We start at 20:00 and you won’t be gone before 2 am!

Because the VIP treatment doesn’t stop here. During the weeks where we don’t see each other, you preferably continue doing what you’ve been learning! But you can then run into some problems. You fixed a date, but what do you need to do? What if he or she is bailing on you, how do you cope with that?

For that, you will get our personal phone numbers and you can text or WhatsApp us 7 days in the week. Within reason, we will respond within a couple of hours (we do sleep now and then) to get you back on track again. Full-service.

Now, this version is VERY exclusive because it is only available for 6 participants. Both men and women. Yes, SIX! That’s right. We want to give you the full support you need.

Sounds great right? But what if you can’t make it to the events, but still want a service like this? Well, the modern technology can help us there. We will stream the whole 4-hour session using a video conferencing tool (like Skype). In that case, you can still be part of the workshop! Of course, going out is not in that part of the program then, but hey, you still can practice it by yourself right?

And to deliver a Full-Service Panic-Line for you too, you can email us at a private email address that no one else knows. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can too! All for service!

Next, to all this we will start a community page on Facebook so all of you can meet each other online too and exchange experiences there!

Okay, so what is the price? I hear you. We divided it into two programs. The LIVE Seduction Program and the SKYPE Seduction Program.

The LIVE one is by far the most complete one of course since you are actually there in person. Interaction with the coaches is the easiest like this of course. And don’t forget the Infield of another 2 hours per day of personal guidance, so an additional 12 hours of coaching. And the Text/WhatsApp 7 days a week support – wich is at it’s own a unique service no one else offers you.  For all of this, with in total 36 hours of coaching and where you will learn in the most effective way how to get more men or women in your life, you will only pay €4.497,-!

Click on this link to make sure you are one of the SIX lucky bastards!

Now if the Live one is sold out, or you are not physically in the area, you can still opt in for the Skype Version. This is still the high-end solution to learn how to seduce more men or women and create your own abundance of love in your life.

Like we already explained, it’s all 24 hours of coaching through a video conferencing service AND you have the exclusive email service at hand 7 days a week! It will NEVER happen again that you don’t know what to say or do, we’ve got your back! For this awesome chance of a lifetime, you will pay far less than the Live one. It will be available for just € 1.499,-! That is a deal of a lifetime right?

If you want to be part of this group, you click here now and buy your way into more choice in life!