Be the one she wants

So the other day I was going out, minding my own business in some bar in the town I live, and out of nowhere, this woman came up to me and started touching my goat tee, saying she so much loved man with beards (I hardly call it a beard, but okay, she called it a beard) and she started touching it and started to stand close to me, rubbing against me and being all over me. Within 2 minutes we kissed and well, that evening came to a happy ending. So what had happened there? I didn’t have to do anything, she approached me, seduced me and wanted me. I just had to go along with her. Now, I know this sounds like the ultimate way of seduction, right? And it is.

So let me tell you a secret. I didn’t do ‘nothing’. I was very well aware what was happening. I made her come to me.

Now, I know, being the man that women start approaching is like ‘James Bond’ level skills. It’s something that Casanova was capable of. I cracked that code too. And now it is your turn. No one ever told you this and I don’t understand why,┬ábeacuse it’s so simple!

We’re currently developing a specific video course for you so you can learn the skills too! It will be made available for less what you’d expect, the price will not be an issue. It’s going to be so easy to obtain, it’s insane. But I want you to learn this. Because it is at the core of everything we teach at Seduction Debunked. Being the most authentic true version of yourself.

The training will be released mid-September 2017 so be sure to be the first to learn this!

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