About Us

Seduction Debunked is an initiative started by Personality Coach and dating expert Maurice Zondag. Being an introvert himself, he saw that there was a lack of attention for this type of man. In many outlets online and offline, dating coaches teach men to be more confident, outgoing, being able to ‘make the party’, while that is unthinkable for so many introverted men to have to become like that.

He believes that the power of seduction, lays within our authenticity. That is what makes us unique, that is what makes us intreresting. The fact we are all different, is the most interesting part of all of us.

To seduce someone is not about learning tricks, where a funny hat in a bar or being bolt and tough. It’s about knowing the process and learning to improvise your way through that process. Using your skills that suits your authenticity and show that world what you’ve got. On your terms.

That is what we teach at Seduction Debunked. Through online video’s, trainings, workshops and one-on-one coaching. Maurice is still available for some live coaching, because that remains the true connection with the practice. That’s also why even the personal coaching is still very affordable. Check our portfolio for more information and contact us for an appointment one-on-one.