3 steps to becoming a ‘chick magnet’

You know these men that just have women around him all the time? And not the ugly ones, but the hottest women in the room. How does he do that!? Right? Today I will teach you the 3 steps you should follow to become a chick magnet instantly yourself. Learn these and your life will never be the same again.

Hey, my name is Maurice Zondag, and I help introverted men get the women they desire. As an actor, director, coach, consultant and international speaker I’ve touched the lives of tens of thousands like you, to overcome their worst fear. I’m glad you’re here, so we can dive right into today’s topic: learn these 3 steps to become a chick magnet yourself.

So these guys. We’ve all seen them, or know one. He doesn’t do anything specifically, is not even THAT good looking, but he somehow always has this hurdle of beautiful women around him. He never approaches them, they actually come to HIM. How does he do that, you wonder! You’ve read all the books, watched videos from Pick up artists or dating coaches, and sure, they know how to do that. But you? Not so much. So what is the secret? Well, it is actually very simple. I mean it’s just these three steps you need to change in your mindset, and things will be different forever. If you nail this, you never have to approach women anymore, they will approach you, follow you, want to be around with you, and you have all the choice you want.

I bet you have a shortage of women in your life. You have to pursue them, give them all your attention. Hunt them down. And then make them like you, right? And that’s hard! Especially if you’re an introvert guy. I get that. So we need to change that. Follow these 3 steps, burn them into your brain, and you’ll see the change instantly.

So what are these three steps? I hear you. They are three mindsets you need to incorporate into your daily life. Not only when meeting women, but always. These three mindsets will give you a new ‘aura’ around you that women just can’t resist and will attract them like bees to a honey fest. They can’t help themselves. Curiosity, attraction, it’s happening all at the same time.

Mindset 1: Have an abundance mindset. I’ve talked about this before and I will continue to do until you understand it and live by it. It’s that powerful, that if you can build this into your mindset, your perspective on life changes. Having an abundance mindset means that you don’t act from scarcity. Scarcity will create stress, because we don’t have enough of something we want. And that makes us uncomfortable, because we DO want that thing. So we become needy in our behavior. While if you can view the world from an abundance mindset, there is no scarcity. You have enough of that thing, so there is no stress if a piece falls off the wagon. You don’t have the stress that you NEED to have it. If it comes, it’s good, if it’s not coming, it’s also fine. So when you have an abundance mindset with women, you don’t become needy. There is no stress that they are not in your life.

Having an abundance mindset, is something different than having abundance in something, but they act the same. I don’t have 20 women in my life. 1 is just perfectly fine and I’m very happy with her. But my mindset is possible, because I know that when that one woman would leave me, I would still have options and I can find another woman to spend my time with. How I know that? Because I understand the process of seduction. Because I know myself that well, that I can show all the attractive traits that women like. So I know that I have options. I don’t get stressed out if I don’t have a woman in my life. So my behavior won’t show neediness. I have an abundance mindset. So learn the skills you need so you can have the abundance mindset in the area you want to. Is it money? Learn the skills to make money. Is it women? Learn the process of seduction. Skills wil create confidence. And that will eventually create abundance.

Until then: bonus tip: fake it ‘till you make it. If you start acting as if you have abundance, you will show that to the world already, and people will believe if you believe it. Start thinking as if you have abundance and your decisions will reflect that mindset. Subconsciously you will program yourself into setting the right goals, make the right decisions and go for your goal. So: mindset 1: have an abundance mindset.

Mindset 2 is ‘own the place’. Women like confident men. Men that own who they are and are showing the world they got their shit together. If you enter a room, where ever that is, a bar, a restaurant, a birthday party, where ever you are, you should act as if you own that place. It’s your place! The trick is to be aware of your surroundings. Use your peripheral view and observe the room. Scan it, and know where the key elements are. Where is the bar located? Where’s the dancefloor? The toilets? Don’t look around and be in awe of everything, no, you enter the room as if you would enter your own home. You don’t look at all your decorations at home when you enter your home. You know them already. Same with a new area. And act like it’s your own home. Greet the people that are there already. From other bar guests to the bartender. They work for you, because it’s your bar. And being a customer, makes them indeed work for you. They are there to serve you. So that is pretty much the same as if you would actually be their boss. I mean, their boss pays their salary right? Well, no, you do. By spending your money there, so the boss can give it to them. So. It’s your place. Start acting like that.

Mindset 3: Don’t give a shit. Not giving a shit means that you are okay with any outcome. It’s not as strong as being indifferent. I mean you do care about stuff, but only the stuff that you can control. If it is out of your hands, you shouldn’t be upset about it if it has a different outcome then you wanted. You couldn’t control it, so don’t give a shit if it goes differently. This mindset works better and easier if you have nailed the first mindset of abundance. But in general they are two different things. You just don’t give a shit if you talk to a woman and she ‘rejects’ you. It’s her loss. Don’t get upset about it. Whatever her reasons are, it’s out of your control. We tend to give a shit about way too much. But really, what’s the point to get fired up about something that is out of your control? You can’t help change the outcome. And if you can, then you do. But even then, if the outcome becomes something different than you hoped for, it’s okay. You did what you could, but it went the other way. Let it go. Move on. If you can master this, you will find your self in a so much more relaxed state. Let it gooo….
Becoming happy is not about giving a fuck about more, but giving a fuck about less” as Mark Manson says in his but the subtle art of not giving a fuck. I highly recommend you read that book. It has some interesting insights on this subject.

So which of these mindsets do you need to build on? Let me know in the comments below!

Now what happens when you build this into your day to day life? These three mindsets: have an abundance mindset, own the place and don’t give a shit: you will decrease your cortisol levels. Your stress hormone. You become relaxed, self-aware, confident, and you can make your own decisions better, lead your life on your terms.

And you know what? That is highly attractive to women. They just can’t help it to find you mysterious, can’t get a grip of you, do find you interesting, because you show all the traits of an attractive man, but there is no stress. You comfort them, create space for them, but don’t overshadow them with your testosterone. You become a gentleman, with charm and self-worth. You don’t need any needy behavior towards women, they actually have to do some work to get your attention. They invest in you, and that creates a higher value to you instantly.

Own these mindsets, and women will want to hunt you. Approach you. Want you. And they fullfil the desire all men have: abundance in women, options to choose from. An important spectrum for you. Maybe a new perspective you’ve never had. Options. Who do you choose?

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