This is how you become attractive and stay introvert

The dating world is nowadays about being the outgoing, extrovert guy that loves to chit chat, entertain people, being in the center of attention and approach any women with no fear, because you should man up! Right? Sure, if you’re an extrovert yourself, fine. But what if you’re an introvert? Should you become someone you’re not? Of course not! In today’s video I’ll tell you the secret how you as an introvert can be the most attractive man in the room. Like James Bond-attractive…

Hey, my name is Maurice Zondag, and I help introverted men get the women they desire. Being a personality coach I teach people how they can use their core authenticity, and how they can show the world what they’ve got. As an actor, director, coach, consultant and international speaker I’ve touched the lives of tens of thousands like you. I’m glad you’re here, so let’s dive right into today’s topic: how to be attractive to women and stay the introvert you are!

Now there is a big misconception going around in men’s brain. We think we need to have attractive looks for women to like us. But face it, we’re not all lookalikes of George Clooney, Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp. These pretty boys are by far outnumbered by too big, too skinny, too short, too tall guys with weird noses, unibrows, wealth bellies, flat butts and small penises. And still, women fall in love constantly with men that look like that. What’s happening there? Well, that’s the misconception we have on what women look for in a man. It’s not all looks. Sure, it helps, but it’s not that important as we make it to be. I’ve said it before and I say it again. It’s how you act and how people react to you that matters. That is what women look for. Behavior.

Let me give you a good example I heard of an attractive girl today. I was at the hairdresser today She’s cute. I mean, hairdressers pretty much always look good right? So, she was telling about her dating experience last weekend after we got to talk about the line of work I’m in. So she said, this guy approached her and she kind of rejected him at the end of the conversation, because she tested his cojones there (to see if he could match up to her ‘boldness’). He was confident enough to ask her number so he could text her. She wanted to know what he would text her then, and he couldn’t really reply. Yea, he stumbled, so I can text you when I’m around. “why? So you can say I’m around and then what? I just work here, so going out is not an option.” He didn’t know what to do. So she said no. “Do you know how hard it is for me to ask a number to a girl?” he asked her. “Do you know how easy it is to say no to that?” she replied, kinda bitchy, she admitted me. When saying goodbye they friendly kissed on the cheeks, three times as we do here in Holland, and then, when he almost left, he said: can I ask you a favor? Or more a request actually? Can I have a real kiss?” She laughed. No, she said, you just got 3. And she turned away from him.
So what happened there? The guy clearly didn’t have his act together. Sure he was bold enough to ask for her number. But when she said ‘why’, he couldn’t give her an answer that made sense. Can I have a real kiss? He asked her. Dude, that’s a question you just don’t ask with words, but it’s an answer to her body language and the vibe you two are in. So his behavior was what made her turn him down. She didn’t say a word how he looked and if she was attracted or not to that. Because it doesn’t matter.

So what does matter? What do women find attractive? Well, in general – exceptions are always there – women like these traits:

  • Being confident. Confidence is maybe the number 1 trait women find attractive. So be confident about yourself, the things you do and what you stand for. Give your opinion and don’t wait for her to give hers so you can then agree on everything. We all need some challenging there here and now, particularly with our life partner. You don’t have to agree on everything.
  • Having humor. Having a good sense of humor is very attractive. If you can make her laugh, the indication of interest is going through the roof. We all love people around us that are fun to be with right? So own your sense of humor, but ditch the jokes. Telling jokes is a typically man on man humor. Women appreciate different humor, most of the times.
  • Being social. Like I said, we all love people that are fun to be around with. That notice their environment and act out of benefit for the other. So show your social strength, how you are interested in other people, and are great at making genuine connections, not only on-the-surface chit-chat.
  • Having a vision. Know what your plan is. In life, but also with everything you do. The one thing the guy in the example clearly didn’t have.
  • Making decisions when needed. Be a decision maker. Women like that in a man. So no more: ‘whatever you like is fine with me’ okay? That’s her line. If you guys are thinking of going somewhere, come up with a proposition where to go. If you feel you’re too long hanging around at the bar, escort her to another part of the bar. She’ll thank you for it.
  • Knowing what you want. Same with the vision. Decide what you want and be certain and confident about it. Could be anything. Again, life goals, work-related, date related. It doesn’t matter, just decide. Making decisions is the key element in living a happy life. Because if you don’t decide, someone else will for you, and the result is then completely out of your hands.
  • Going for what you want. Decide it, and go for it. So not only knowing what you want and having a vision is important, because that doesn’t do anything. Going for that goal, that is where the difference is being made.
  • Not giving value to what others think. What do you think other people think of you? Think for a minute. What do you think others think of you? And is that what they really think? Or is it, what YOU think, they think? Right. You don’t know what other people think. So you thinking what they think is still you thinking that. Now, since we don’t know what they think, does it really matter what they think? No. Because we don’t know what they think. So giving value what you think others think of you is a self-destructing thinking pattern. It doesn’t help. So be confident about yourself, and don’t give the thought what others think of you any value, because we – don’t – know – what – they – think!
  • Having an abundance mindset. I’ve talked about this before. Having an abundance mindset will decrease stress in your life. Listen to our podcast, watch the video again, it is a life-changing mindset.

These are the traits you need to invest time in. Kill these and women will instantly find you attractive. All women? Probably not. Do you like all women? You shouldn’t. there are a lot of not attractive women out there. Is that bad? No. Because there are plenty of beautiful gorgeous women out there. Just realize that it’s okay to not like a woman, and as a result know that the same goes for you. But still, there are plenty of beautiful, gorgeous women out there, that would love to get to know you better, especially if you show the traits we’ve talked about!

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