What do women really think of me?

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How do women think of me? How do I know what they think? Today we’re unveiling the truth!

Hey, welcome to seduction debunked headquarters, my name is Maurice Zondag, and I help introverted men get the women they desire. Being a personality coach I teach people how they can develop and trust their authenticity, and how they can show the world what they’ve got. As an actor, director, coach, consultant and international speaker I’ve touched the lives of tens of thousands like you, to overcome their worst fear. So I’m glad you’re here, and let’s dive right into today’s topic: What do women think and more specifically, what do they think of me?

Have you seen the 2000 movie What Women Want? With Mel Gibson who due to an accident can hear what women think? Now wouldn’t we men all want that sometime, right? Because, my god, the way the female brain works sometimes… it’s so hard for us to understand what’s going on up there.

Just to touch on some mainstream ideas first. Women think differently than man. They act more on their gut feeling, are less structured and more diversified, they can multitask, laugh one minute, cry the next, and they never tell us what they REALLY think. Right? Is something the matter honey? No nothing. Are you sure? Yes. Okay. And that’s it, we think. But no…. then it comes. After a 10 sec pause. She either gets upset, gives you the silent treatment, starts crying and we go like WTF? I thought you said nothing was the matter?

Sure, if you recognize this, I’m sure you also have to recognize this. She never forgets the birthday of your nephew, and since she knows you don’t she’ll remind you in time. She loves it when you show you think of her, and bring her her favorite flowers. She loves it when you talk passionately about your work. When you have organized a dinner party because of your anniversary.

All cliché’s, and they are cliché’s because most of them are true. Tell me in the comments what other clichés you know on the way women think!
Now, these clichés may be true, but their not for all women true of course. But in general, sure. But it’s not the whole story.

Women can be very insecure, particularly about the way they look, pushed by modern society where the beauty standards are all over the place. From magazines to social media, television, advertisements, etc.
You think YOU are insecure? That it’s scary to go talk to a woman you like? Man, I can tell you, they shit their pants too man. Go figure. They have to show their vulnerability, so you, the dominant man can approach her, while she has no clue who you are or what your intentions are. That’s why they love to go out with other women, to create a security field around them.
Whatever you feel if you have to talk to strange women, not knowing what they think of you, they have that too, remember that.

It’s just a fact that we never know what the other person thinks. The only way we can guess what they think, is reading their behavior and asking them to tell us what they think.

Asking may look weak, but is not if done right. Reading their behavior is powerful. That means you have charm. You can read the dynamic of the environment and you know how to react to that, because you realize your impact with your behavior on that dynamic. If you do this right, you can read by her behavior what she thinks. Read her body language signals. Is she open for conversation? Is she inviting you to come talk to her? Is she just having fun with her friends and isn’t paying any attention to others? With who is she there, are those guys talking to her part of her group or are they also just trying to make a connection? Learn to read people, and you will be able to guess more accurately what they think.

But you’ll never know for sure what she thinks, if you don’t ask her. Now, asking the direct question “What do you think right now?” is the most effective question us men can think of, it’s not the most desirable question. I mean, asking it isn’t particularly wrong, but if done too many times, it comes across you’re insecure and need her approval what she thinks. Besides, remember, in this day and age where our privacy is under fire on so many levels, what we think is our deepest form of privacy. Because we can think ANYTHING without consequences. How morally wrong the thought is, no one will know, because it’s the most private thing you have. So asking what someone thinks, is to some extent a breach into their most personal domain. Now, when you guys are together, the question is less invasive, you guys shared some pretty intimate things already, but still. Remember that our thoughts are the most private thing we own. Be thoughtful about that.

Now that is all fine and dandy you think, but still, I want to know what she thinks! Particularly what she thinks about me! Well, you can ask what she thinks in a more indirect way.

There are two types of questions you can ask. Directive and situational. Directive questions are questions that guide her thoughts and thus her answer too in a direction. Most of them they are closed questions that steer into a yes or no answer. “Are you comfortable?” “Are you okay like this?” “Sure it isn’t too cold for you sitting here?” These questions are easy to answer and tells you if she agrees with your thought pattern. Most of these questions also show her that you care about her, you take care of her.

Other questions, that might reveal more about how she feels about you are questions like this: For example, if you’re a tall guy and you’re talking to women you just met. “So how do you feel about dating short guys?” She’ll respond for sure laughing, because you’re tall. “You’re not short at all!” So you can respond: “No, I know, but I wanna know how strong my competition is.” If she likes you, she’ll respond with a smile “Don’t worry, I prefer tall men”. Boom. You just got a lot of things going on here. She told you what she prefers, tall men, she agreed you’re not a short guy, so you don’t have to worry, she likes you (equals tall men).

Now if she prefers short men, she’ll tell you “sorry for you, but you’re too tall for me, I prefer short guys.” Boom. Again, tons of information. And it’s up to you what to do next. It may sound as a rejection, but it’s just sharing information. You asked a question on her opinion, what she thinks. And she responded. Now you know. Next up is how to respond, but that’s stuff for another video.

So asking indirect questions in a directional closed way or situational with open questions, lets her open up her mind for you to read. Combine that with the body language reading and dynamic sensing, and you’ll be able to get inside her head and discover her thoughts.

So, now you know this, what would be your biggest question be you’d like her to answer? Tell me below in the comments and share what you would ask her in this indirect manner?

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