Am I a Nice Guy?

Am I a nice guy? I hear you ask the question! Are you a nice guy? Today we’re going to find out AND what you can do if you are one – and are sick of it. I want women!! Oh, and I got a present for you at the end of the video too how you can become instant attractive to women. So stay here.

Welcome to Seduction Debunked Headquarters. My name is Maurice Zondag, and I help introverted men get the women they desire. Being a Personality coach I teach people how they can find their core authenticity, and how they can show the world what they’ve got. As an actor, director, coach, consultant and international speaker I’ve touched the lives of tens of thousands like you, to overcome their worst fear. I’m glad you’re here, so let’s dive right into today’s topic: Are you a nice guy?

So what makes someone a nice guy? And what is a nice guy? Well, we can be clear about the definition. If you recognize yourself in one or more of these next traits, you are one.

You have a lot of female friends, but none of them wants to have sex with you, while you would like to have sex with all of them. Even at the same time – that would be a fantasy come true ?

You treat women right. But not just that, you give them everything they ask for. They will definitely like you for that, right?

They tell you all the stories about crap you’re not really interested in, but hey, you’re her friend, and one day she will realize you are the one for her.

You think all of her boyfriends are assholes. Why doesn’t she see how great you are??

You had sex with one of them. Because they came on to you. Not because you did your slick move. Somehow she’s still not your girlfriend. And yes, don’t kid yourself, that bothers you.

If you have a girlfriend, she pretty much runs the show. Whatever she likes, you like too. Whatever she wants to do, you guys do. Because you love her! She’s your princess and you want to give the world to her! I know!

If you recognize any of these signs, that can mean only one thing. You are a nice guy. Let me know in the comments. Do you recognize yourself? Say: I do! If you do.

So, let’s get to the next question then. You’re a nice guy: so what?
Well, if you’re happy with your life, keep doing what you’re doing. Enjoy the time you waste on women that only see you as friends, keep dreaming of having her one day, or keep living her life. Fine with me. But to be honest, and if you are too, to yourself, that is probably not why you’re watching this video. You want to fix this.

But you ALSO don’t want to become the asshole like all her boyfriends. But, you know, if that is what it takes? No. Don’t despair. You don’t need to become an asshole to get rid of the nice guy syndrome.
It’s actually very simple how you can. Not particularly EASY, but it is simple.
You have to start being your true self. Now what do I mean by that? Let me elaborate on that.

Being yourself, means you have to start to get to know yourself. What is it you’re truly passionate about? What makes you angry in life? And what makes you ultimately happy? What are your motives to get up every day? Is the job you’re doing still fun? Who are you really? And I’m not talking about your behavior you. We all know now that is not the one you want to be. Because the behavior shows the Nice guy. No. Who are you REALLY?

The fun thing is, that when you discover this, you will become instantly attractive. No really. That is how attraction works. People are attracted to other individuals. Not their self-reflection in someone else. And if that is what they are attracted to, trust me, you don’t want that as your partner.

We are all unique. We all have our perfect imperfections. Nobody is perfect. And you know you aren’t. And that is okay. That is totally okay. Because the fact you are not perfect, is what makes you interesting. Because we are unique, we are able to stand out. Live our life without any masks.

When you are behaving like a nice guy, trying to please others, because you THINK that if you would do this particular thing for them, they will like you for it. But, you don’t know what they think. Whatever you think they think, is YOU thinking that. So stop doing that. You don’t know. Besides, remember this important mindset in seduction. In seduction it is YOUR job to see how the other one fits with YOU. NOT the other way around. You are not responsible for her feelings towards you. That’s her job. Her responsibility. You have to see how she meets you’re a-list. Because you can never know what she exactly wants. If there is anyone who knows that, it’s her. If she knows, that is. So if she even doesn’t always knows exactly what she wants, how on earth would you be able to know? You can’t! So don’t try to either. It’s a waste of time and energy. Only focus on what you like and how she can fit with that.

But she can only measure that, if she’s seeing the real you! Because if you’re wearing a mask showing someone else, and she decides she likes that person, you have to wear that mask forever. Now that is not healthy. Because you have to pretend you are someone you’re not. Not going to work.

So. To wrap this up. Let me know in the comments. Are you a nice guy? And if so, what is your first step you’re going to take to stop being the nice guy? Right. Learn to be ‘yourself’. Discover your true self. You’ll be surprised how cool and amazing he is!

Now, if you’re up for it, I got this video where I also describe the 7 traits in the mindset of an attractive man. It might help you discover your true self. Check it out below in the description.

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