10 ways how to seduce a woman with body language

6 months ago

How to seduce someone with body language. Today I’m going over 10 ways how you can seduce a woman using your body language.

I’m glad you’re here, so let’s dive right into today’s topic: How to seduce someone, a woman, with your body language?

Body language is something we most of the times aren’t even doing consciously. We just do it. We move our body the way it feels most natural for us. Many studies showed that body language is often a reflection of our emotions. How we feel, is what we show to the world through our body language. And we’re not even talking about the facial expressions we have when we feel certain state of minds. We have to make another video about just that, because it is fascinating.

Now today, it’s the core body language we use when we want to seduce a woman. The first 5 will be your body language, the last 5 will be about her body language.

Number 1:
Powerpose. A power pose shows the world you’re not afraid to show who you are. A power pose takes up space, head up, chest up, arms and legs spread, like this. Now the opposite of a power pose is a subdominant pose, where you protect yourself, make yourself small and unnoticeable. You want women to notice you, so you have to show yourself. Look confident, look people in the eye, and stand up straight. If it feels weird when you practice this yourself, no worries. Your body is learning something new and needs to adjust to the according mindset. “I am standing here, taking my space.” Walk like this too. It helps. I guarantee you.

Number 2:
Make big gestures.
This is a common way. When we are somewhere, where it’s crowded, we make our gestures small. We don’t want to bump into other people while telling a story, right? Right. But it’s about confidence showing here again. So you want to fill up space. And you need your arms for that. So make your movements big. Particular to using your arms.

Number 3:
Don’t imitate a helicopter.
We just said, make big gestures. What you don’t want to do, is make them that big and that fast, that it looks like you’re a windmill in a 4th-degree storm. Slow them down. Make large gestures, and make them slowly. Not slow motion, but controlled.

If you make them fast, you come across as nervous and insecure. And we don’t want that. Why not? I mean why don’t we want that? Yes, because women don’t find that attractive. What do women find attractive then? Can you name at least 3 traits of an attractive man in the comments? And if you need any help with that, check this link out where you will learn the 7 traits of an attractive man.

Number 4: Open up your body
If you close up your body, you send out the signal of “not interested.” So you need to be open. In any aspect. Don’t protect your groin, your belly or your chest. It’s safe. You are okay. She won’t attack you.

At least, don’t go to places where women may attack men violently. Approach. That’s okay, she may approach, not attack.

Just stand like this. With your hands out of your pockets. Just like this. And here’s a bonus tip: if that feels weird? Use pressing your thumb against your ring finger or middle finger slightly, and you’ll lose that awkward feeling immediately.

Number 5: Smile more
Yes, for god’s sake: smile. It makes the world a better place if we would smile more. Enjoy the feeling of smiling. It even is the easiest gift you can give anyone. A smile. Smiling actually makes us feel good. A hormone called Endorphine is being released when we smile. Even for a bit. And the great thing about humans is, smiling is contagious. So when you see someone smile at you, you’re primal reaction is to smile too. Which releases that Endorphine hormone in their brain too, making them feel happy too. Easy right?

So, learn to actively do these 5 body language hacks, and you’ll see that women will react differently to you. In a good way ?

So the other five, are body language signals you can look for when checking women out. To see if they are interested in you and are open for more connection or engagement.

Number 1: Eye contact
Eye contact is key. If they don’t look, there is no attraction, because they haven’t noticed you. So look for eye contact, and especially the sensual eye contact. No panic look, cautious, or weird-out look, but the ‘that’s interesting’ look. She might even tilt her head a bit when doing that. And that combined with number 2 is even better.

Because Number 2 is smiling.
If she smiles at you, that’s a good sign. Even when your already talking, and she keeps smiling, that’s good, she is engaged in the conversation. Laughing is good too. Women like men with humor, so keep it up soldier!

Number 3: touching
If she’s touching you, you’re on the right track. She likes being with you and being around you. Now that is of course when she’s already near you. But what if… you’re in a bar, and when she passes you, she touches you – even a slight breeze, especially when there’s plenty of room… she’s looking for your attention. She might even look back to see if you got the message. If that happens: go for it. Talk to her. Now.

Number 4: Open body
Also for her goes the fact that she wants to show herself to you. So if she is opening up her body language, it means she’s in comfort. She feels safe. Now don’t get me wrong, a lot of people don’t open up in public places. But if they do when they’re talking to you, definitely a good sign she likes you being around.

And Number 5: check her feet.
Yes. Her feet. If she has her feet pointing at you, she’s engaged. Funny enough, if she has turned her feet away from you, she’s getting ready to move on. It sounds weird, I know, but it actually is true.

Now, there are two things you need to do. Start observing people. Next time your somewhere in a public environment, look how people use their body language. Are they open? Do they touch and smile? How are their feet positioned? Check what’s happening and how things are progressing.

The second thing I need you to do: is practice this shit. At home, going out, at work, in the car, the bus, where ever you are. Be aware of your body language. You use it anyway, so better use it in a way you choose to, right?

Let me know in the comments below what you’re experience is with this. Did it help you? Did you see any change? And remember to check out the lesson in the 7 traits of an attractive man in the link below in the subscription!

See you next week!

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