So there’s a new viral threat going on. Normally I’m not so much into those chain-letter equivelants on today’s social media, but this one did hit me.

I’m talking about #metoo. A hashtag that does more to people than putting some cold ice-water over their heads. I mean that is all fun. And the fails are even better. Oh right, it’s against ALS. Right. Almost forgot.

It was powerful though, nevertheless, and it sure helped to put ALS on the attention span in this world where we can only concentrate on content if it REALLY hits us.

But #metoo is quite something different. All of a sudden it’s about all of us. Women AND men.

For those of you who missed it: people are sharing an awareness hashtag called #metoo, where they bring a voice to sexual assault. Just by saying it out-loud, makes it more real. And it’s been hidden for so many people, for so long. People share it of different social platforms, like Facebook. Some of them share a piece of the story, most of them don’t. And that is alright of course. It is something that is probably one of the most difficult things to talk about, because we live in a shame culture.

We sensor films (and series) so we don’t see a boob after they had sex, but it’s plain normal to see people getting blown to pieces and pieces of brain stuck to the lens. Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen more boobs in my life than splattered brains. And thinking about that, what is more fucked up?

So yes, we live in a shame culture. Where sex is something we don’t talk about. And in most of the times, it’s not necessary to talk about it, because it’s all good. I’m all for doing it, instead of talking about it.

But there are cases, when we DO need to talk about it. When things are going wrong. When people get depressed. Get harassed. Get assaulted. Get raped. Sexual harassment is almost a part of our culture. It happens so often. And yes, most of the times by men.

We need to make sure that those men are being taught the RIGHT thing. Let me tell you one thing: Never say something to a woman, you don’t want another man tell you  when you’re in jail… think about that.

Even if you think its funny. It’s just a joke. Sure she’s cute. Sure she’s got a nice rack. Sure she’s dressed all sexy and all that. So? She did that for herself, not for you to make any comment about that. So don’t.

And harassment is of course something that should be taken out of the shame and shadows of ‘friendly touches’. I resent that. And don’t get me wrong, I love women, and I love touching them, hugging and feeling their femininity within my space. But it’s the intent and the consent that matters most of all.

I teach men how to seduce women. And yes, touching is a big part in that. So I teach ‘my men’ that the touching should be in a way that they feel safe, protected, and appreciated, instead of grobed, creeped out grabbing parts that is off limit and simply being harassed.

So I want to say a big RESPECT to all women and men that share their #metoo hashtag. Let’s bring this to the surface. In the open. Not your personal story. You deal with that the way you want. Please do take action against the predator, and talk to people you trust about what happened. Know it’s never your fault how other people behave. That is their responsibility.

Hashtag metoo. Raise your hands and know you’re not alone. Raise your hands and combine the strength of your synergy. And let’s keep communicating. Get out of that shame culture. Sex is something we should be happy about, not be ashamed about. Never.

To all of you me too hashtaggers: I have the deepest respect for your guts to show yourself. I see you.

Maurice Zondag

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Maurice Zondag

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