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Describe the perfect woman for me. Or man, if you’re a woman reading this. I’m sure you got this long list of things you want him or her to match with. And of course, it should be like that! The older we get, the more experience we get in knowing what we want and even better: knowing what we don’t want.

So you build your requirements list. With all the traits, quirks, pros and cons. The thing you find most important and he or she HAS to match that or there will be no attraction at all. Make that list.

I don’t care what other dating coaches say. So many want you to get rid of that list. Because it would ‘limit’ you. Excuse me? Limit? Does knowing what you want, limits you? Or does it make your choices better?

So where do you want to go on this 10.000 dollars holiday? I don’t know, I don’t make a list, I just see what crosses my path… while deep down you wanted sun, beach and relaxing in overwhelming luxury, you now are backpacking on Antartica. Because that just came to your path and you didn’t want to limit yourself.

Would you do that? NO! Of course not! You make your self a list, a requirements overview, so you KNOW what you are looking for! And sure, it limits the number of people. But why is that bad? Would you want to settle for less? Getting what you want, starts by knowing what you want.

This whole ‘limiting mindset’ is a thought that comes from scarcity. If you know that you can get a man or women, because you know what to do, because you are authentic, got something to add to others, you are happy with being yourself and being with yourself, if you know that a man or woman would need to ADD something in your life and not needs to be a part of your life to be happy, you live from an abundance mindset. Because you know that if the right one comes across you can make sure they add something to your life as well. And if you don’t know how to do these things, build on your skillset then. Learn how seduction works. Learn to communicate effectively. Learn how you can be a man or woman in this world. Learn how being happy with yourself works. Work on growing, finding balance. And once you do, you will also find that finding that one man or woman, is something that is no longer a goal, but a result.

Settling for less, ‘not limiting yourself’, being open to anyone and being okay with everyone is taking mediocracy for granted. It’s NOT okay to be okay with everyone. Set your standards. Set your boundaries. Save your time for people that are worth it. Do you want to be mediocre? Or are you so unique, that there is just one person like you in the entire world? Even if you’re a twin? Of course, you are. So DON’T settle for less. Don’t act based on scarcity. Do limit yourself to go for only the best, because that is what you deserve. And how do you know when he or she comes along? You know because they ‘wow’ you. You recognize their traits in your list. Instantly. And then start assess how they really match the list.

Because when that someone comes along, you will see that they are not perfect. And that they won’t match the entire list. But they do match with the parts that you find most important. And when the balance is positive enough on the matches and mismatches, he or she is worth it to explore how you guys fit. There’s not something like the perfect man or perfect woman. What does exists, is the Right Man and the Right Woman.

Go for that, never for less. You’ll regret it in the end. Trust me on that.

Live from the mindset of abundance, never on scarcity.

Have a great weekend!

Maurice Zondag

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Maurice Zondag

Maurice is founder of Seduction Debunked. He is Personality Coach and helps people to find their happiness again. One of the ways, is by teaching men the art of seduction. He does that through trainingprograms on Seduction Debunked and through personal coaching as dating coach. Want to know more wha that can do for you? Check out the menu above and contact Maurice directly.

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