How to hack your subconscious

7 months ago

I had an interesting conversation the other day about how cool it would be to be conscious about our subconscious. Which is a contradictio in terminis because if you’re conscious about your subconscious, the subconscious becomes the conscious. Get it? So it’s not so much about being conscious, but being in control, right?

Because it is an interesting thought though. And it’s true that it would be pretty cool if we could ‘control’ all our subconscious behavior.

The mind works in a weird way, logical, but unexpected. Because if we could use our behavior consciously, it would influence how we react to the world. It would change how we feel about things.

Let me give you an example.

Our body language is most of the time something we use subconscious right? We don’t actively think “now I will cross my arms because I’m feeling sort of attacked by what he said”. No, we feel like that, so we cross our arms. If you feel uncomfortable, you tend to cross your legs and arms too. It’s just a subconscious behavior of our body language.

But we can flip it around. Because the conscious and the subconscious work symbiotic, they react on each other. And that is not a one-way street. So if I use confident body language, I will start to feel more confident.

Test it out yourself. If you stand, start making yourself small. Head down, arms crossed and hold yourself tight. Sit like that for a moment and you feel protected, safe. Low energy, glad you’re inside and by yourself. Right?

Now, get out of this posture and make yourself big! If you’re standing, go stand in a power pose, hands on the sides or up like you just won the marathon. Jump, smile and feel the energy go through your body! If you’re sitting, put your hands in your neck and lean backward, even if you can, place your feet on the desk you’re sitting at. Now, do you feel different? I bet you do.

Because we just hacked into our subconscious. You used something conscious, that we normally only use subconsciously. And your body can’t tell the difference, so it will react how the body acts. So it makes you feel confident. Or weak, protective in the first example.

Pretty cool huh?

We can do this with lots of things. Like controlling your thoughts. Being conscious of our thoughts, opinions, judgments, ideas, perspectives, you can actually start seeing the way people react on you can be changed. Because you cut yourself loose from the thoughts, opinions, judgments, ideas, and perspectives, that hold you back in life. You can learn this in different ways. Doing meditation is a well-known one. ]

But studying a science like body language can do that too.

And a good start for that is to learn to observe and to really listen. But that’s food for some other time. Imagine what you could do if you could control your body language. Tell me what you think would be your possible goal all of a sudden? What would you want to master?

Leave me a comment and tell me.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

Have a great day!



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