Do you dream in your life, or do you live in your dream?

We all have dreams in our lives, right? It could be anything. The wife you’re going to mary, the woman you want to divorce, winning the lottery and never having to work again, taking care of homeless people, buy a bigger house, go on that one holiday, whatever it is, we all have dreams.
And they seem so far away, so often.

Now, dreams come from fantasies, right? You sleep, and you dream. Your mind makes up these, often, so freaking weird fantasies. How you save the world, have sex with your son’s school teacher, live in the house of your neighbors so your grandmom can mow the lawn. The beauty of dreams is that everything is possible. And it all seems so normal, so natural. Of course, you had sex with your son’s school teacher while living in your neighbor’s house. How else would your grandmom be able to mow the lawn, right?

Right. In dreams, it all became reality. And that is the trick why they feel so nice. Because we can escape from reality for a while and live a made up one. A fantasy. Now I’m not going into the whole ‘why we dream’ theory, but I’m interested in the dreams you have when you are awake.

What is the biggest dream of your life? The reason we have dreams, is to escape from reality for a minute, right? To think of that big house you’d have, that supercar you’d drive, being on that stage in the Royal Albert Hall, hitting that home run in the Yankees stadium, pouring in soup at Christmas eve for the local homeless community. Whatever the dream is.

Now, I do wonder. Why is it a dream? Why isn’t it something you actually do?

Because having a dream makes you feel happy in that moment, right? So,
what keeps you from pursuing the dreams you have? How small or big they are? What keeps you from going after that happy feeling of not only dreaming the dream but actually living the dream?

I’ve decided that I want to pursue my dreams. I have plenty of them. One of them is touching the lives of a million people within the next 5 year.
Helping them to become a happier person. Is it a big dream? Yes. Am I going to succeed? Why not? Tony Robbins said it in one of his programs: it’s better to aim for the stars and to miss, then to aim for the mud and hit it. So yes. Dream the dreams you want, make them big! Because that is what dreams are for! Make them seem unreal! But you know, that when you dream them, they ARE real. And then go take the necessary action to fulfill the dreams.

A very close friend of mine told me. Dream it, wish it, do it.

Dreaming makes sense. We dream all the time. To create a mental picture in our minds for what we really, really want. I’d say, what keeps you from getting there. Why not going for that. It’s the least you can ask from yourself.

The moment I stop pursuing my dreams is the moment my life loses its purpose. So go get that dream. Make your dreams come true!

Have a great weekend!



Maurice Zondag

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Maurice Zondag

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