10 ways to say ‘No’






No ?

NO No No!

Nee, Non, Nein, Njet



So there you have it. 10 ways you can say No.

Why you need this? Because it’s good for you. BEcause it’s good for you to say no to people. Sometimes. Or often than you normally do.

Want to help me out, moving my stuff? No

Ah please, help me out man, I got no one else… Nooo

So wanna join me on my bungee jump? NNeeeeuuuo

At least want to come up with me there to hold my hand? Nononono

Dude, sorry I threw up in your car, can you clean this up for me? NO!

So can you at least give me a hint what you bought me for my birthday? No ?

Why can’t I crash at your place for the next 3 months, I can sleep on the couch? No no no!

Not ever? Nee, Non, Nein, Njet!

Look at my car dude… I crashed it… Nooooo…

Did you hear about that one great idea?   No?

Just some examples in what kind of situations we say no. Or we CAN say no.

It isn’t always what we do. I mean, if someone got sick, you help him out right? Even though that means you’re cleaning his puke of your car-carpet.

Or when your buddy needs some help to move out some stuff, sure you help.

In most cases, that’s not a problem of course. But in many cases, we do it because we think others expect that from us. Or we want to do it, so we think they will like us better if we do.

Saying no can be very, very hard sometimes. I know. But it does help you in the end creating better boundaries. It will strengthen your position, your personality. Because if you can say no, you show people you can guard your boundaries. That you have your own choices and are not that type a guy that always helps, even when it doesn’t make any sense.

So, learn to say no to the things you don’t feel like doing. Say no to the things that you think are a waste of your time. Say no, so your yes becomes far more valuable than ever before.

Make it a great day!



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