Lead the life you want.

So. Mid of the week-thought. What do you want in life? What if, you could wake up tomorrow and could choose how ever your perfect life would look like… how would it look like? Where would you live? What kind of work would you do? Who would your partner be? Your family? How would you spend your day? And your evenings? And your nights? How would you spend, that precious element, I’ve been talking about before: time?

How would you spend it? Doing what?

Well, gentlemen, I can tell you one thing: if you don’t already live that life, I’ve got good news for you. Because you can. You can live that life. But, it will cost you something. Nothing in life comes for free.

So what does your dream life cost you? Pain, misery, uncertainty, and a lot of time. It will cost you sleep, money, even your social circle is becoming unreliable. Your relationship will be challenged. It will not come easy.

But at the other hand, is your current lifestyle coming easy? Has it all been given to you? For free? And do you LIKE that lifestyle? Does it match with that image you just made? No. It doesn’t. So if it also costs all these nasty things, but you don’t get the pleasure out of it, why then do you live this life?

And why don’t you live the life you just pictured?

I tell you why. Priority. You got your priorities wrong. You thought that watching tv all day was fun. You thought gaming all night, was fun. You thought going to school, college, have that 9-5 ‘safe’ job, was fun. You thought you just weren’t good with women and accepted that, didn’t think that you could learn that. And now? Now you’re an “old dude” that is not happy in his current life because of what you have been doing so far. If you’re a woman watching this: I’m not only talking about your husband or boyfriend. You know who I’m talking about.

You have to make the right priorities. You CAN live like you pictured in your mind. You just need to find the right things you need to do. We all have the same amount of 24 hours a day. So there is no difference between us and the ‘successful’ ones. We just make different choices. We make choices that lead to the life we live. We are ALL responsible for the life we’re leading.

Sure, you could get health issues where you had nothing to do with. Sure things happen to us that we don’t control. Those are the boundaries life made for us. But all of the rest, and for most of us, that is the biggest chunk, we decide. We decide what our mindset is. We decide if we can do it on our own or we need help with. We decided to take on the ‘what seems’ the easy road or to take the challenge. You think you’re secure on your future if you got a ‘steady job’? Think again.

What if he goes bankrupt? What happens with you then? There are no guarantees in life. You have to make your own decisions. Every day.

So how do you get the life you want? Make yourself a plan. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? And in 7 years? In 5 years? 2? So what do you need to do starting NOW to get there?

It’s like taking a route on vacation. If I want to go to my destination, I need to know where to go. And by knowing where I want to go, I can make my planning, my route, so I then know, at the end of my street, I have to turn right, or left.

And the same goes for life. You can go ANYWHERE you want. Every day, you decide, do I get up, to go to my work? Or do I stay in bed? And every day you decide to go to work, you should do that consciously. Because if you wake up needing to go to work, and find yourself KNOWING you don’t want that, it is time to make a decision. Make the right one, so you CAN live that life you imagined.

Every day. All the TIME.

Make it the best day ever!

Maurice Zondag

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Maurice Zondag

Maurice is founder of Seduction Debunked. He is Personality Coach and helps people to find their happiness again. One of the ways, is by teaching men the art of seduction. He does that through trainingprograms on Seduction Debunked and through personal coaching as dating coach. Want to know more wha that can do for you? Check out the menu above and contact Maurice directly.

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