The no 1 factor in seduction

Yesterday it was liberation day in the town where I live. Leiden in The Netherlands. On October 3rd we celebrate we got liberated from the Spanish army in 1574. So yes, quite some time ago and I don’t hold any grudge to the Spanish.

But it is a day that we celebrate big here in town. The whole town is on the streets, music’s playing everywhere, there is a fair, parades, and lot’s, lots of parties are going on. Every bar (and there are quite a lot in this relatively small town), has its own party. Could be a band playing, a DJ doing his thing, it doesn’t matter. Thousands of people are on the streets having fun.

And because it is the biggest party in town, a lot of flirting and seducing can go on. Now, this brings me to the main topic in seducing. Because there is a reason why flirting and seducing happens a lot on these big events. It’s because we’re having fun! Having fun is the main ingredient in seduction. Without fun, there is no seducing.

Because it is something so elementary. Seducing each other is fun! Right?

And we like people better if they show they are having fun too!

When we feel happy, having fun, we’re more open to meet new people. We are even better at it as well. You dance with everyone, laugh, sing, hug, what ever it is you do, focus on the fun. If you genuine are having a good time, you show that to the people around you. And wouldn’t you want to be part of that party? If it seems nothing but fun?

I had!

Maurice Zondag

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Maurice Zondag

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