What is the need for wanting?

Yes, today it’s your call. Because today is the first day of the rest of your life. And it’s weekend. It’s Friday over here right now, so chances are, it’s weekend too when you read this. Or maybe it’s in the evening and you can think about your day.

How did your day go today? Are you happy with what you did? I know I am. Since I made the decision to do this as my job, to be working on this full-time, I feel free. I made the decision to do this. And that makes me free.

Making decisions is one of the things that can make us happy. And if you’re happy, you can work on making other people happy too.

So what are your plans? Going out? Having fun? Or are you staying home? And having fun? Well, you decide. It’s up to you.

You can do ANYTHING, you want.

Now if you say, “yea, no, but I have to… do x…” I ask you: “why?”

Who is telling you, you need to do that, x? Is it you yourself? Or is someone else saying it? And what gave them the power to decide you had to do this, spend time on that?

And if you decided you needed to do that, you are limiting yourself, my friend. Because you are saying you NEED to do it. If you wanted to do it, you’d say, you’d wanted to do that.

So you’re using discipline, to make things happen for your self? Well, you’re actually saying now that you punish yourself, doing what you don’t want to do. Discipline is another word for punishing and needing to do, is something you don’t want to do. Wow, you got a great life man.

So what about if we turn it around? What if, you don’t NEED to do that thing, but you WANT to do that thing? Do you need to discipline yourself still then? Or are you motivating yourself to do it, because you WANT to do it?

Not needing to do things, but wanting to do things (because YOU find them important to do) is liberating. And the greatest thing of all, is that it is your decision. You can make that decision and change your vision on NEEDING and WANTING.

Every time you feel like you NEED to do something, ask yourself: Who makes me doing this? Me? Then I can change it. Someone else? Why do I give him or her the power to let me spend my most precious asset in life: time, to do something I don’t want to do?

Making decisions is liberating. Free yourself from the NEED. Go for what you WANT.

Decide what your weekend looks like. Are you going to make it awesome? I am!



Maurice Zondag

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Maurice Zondag

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