Podcast #7 – What is the best opening line

Today John and Maurice talk about the best opening line you can use to approach the woman of your dreams. It’s complicated, and we’re going to make it as easy as it can be for you.

Also mind the Master Class we recorded a while ago. A long video Master Class about the art of seduction. Watch that right after you finished listening to episode 7 – what is the best opening line.

Maurice Zondag

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Maurice Zondag

Maurice is founder of Seduction Debunked. He is Personality Coach and helps people to find their happiness again. One of the ways, is by teaching men the art of seduction. He does that through trainingprograms on Seduction Debunked and through personal coaching as dating coach. Want to know more wha that can do for you? Check out the menu above and contact Maurice directly.

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