Pain or desire?

There are two main motives for people to change. It’s either pain, or desire.

We are programmed, to neutralize pain. We do anything we can, to make the pain go away, or, even better, not to be in pain. So if we feel pain, we realize, we need to do things. And pain is in this case not only physical pain, but ‘soul-pain’ as I call it. Something happened in your life that really hurts you. So you start working on getting rid of the pain.

Another motivator is desire. We desire something so bad, that we feel we need to do something to make it happen. It can be the motivation to quit your day job and start working as a solo entrepreneur. Or the motivation to think: Fok it, I’m going for her number. Whatever the desire is, it’s a reason we take bold moves.

And it doesn’t matter if it’s pain or desire. We always feel like either one of them, makes the difference why we make the actual choice, to change.

So what’s your biggest pain or desire? And is it big enough for you to make you act on a decision to change?

Why change in the first place? Well, because you have no time left. Because if you’re not satisfied with your current life, you need to change. Change something. Because time is running out. Every time you inhale and breath, it’s a breath you’ll never get back and brings you closer to your end.

I don’t want to sound negative, but we need to make ourselves clear, that life itself is a terminal event. Every day we get closer to that moment of our final, last breath. And what is it you want to look back on? A life of ‘what ifs’? Or a life of ‘I dids’?

So again. What is your biggest pain or desire? What is the change you KNOW, deep down, you need to make? Because the pain is hurting on the inside and you’re running out of time? Or the desire is so great it burns on the inside and makes you realize, that if you don’t do it now, it’s a waste of, time?

Is it finding love, or finding love again? Is it your health? Your finances? Your job? You tell me.

No really, tell me. Reply on this email what your biggest pain or desire is. Who knows I’d be able to help you with the change.

I mean it. No joke.

I made it my desire to help you with your pain. I do that as my life calling, until my time is there to look back and know: I did. Did you?



Maurice Zondag

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Maurice Zondag

Maurice is founder of Seduction Debunked. He is Personality Coach and helps people to find their happiness again. One of the ways, is by teaching men the art of seduction. He does that through trainingprograms on Seduction Debunked and through personal coaching as dating coach. Want to know more wha that can do for you? Check out the menu above and contact Maurice directly.

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