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The Matrix. Have you seen that movie? Where Neo goes down the rabbit hole? Where he learned how the world actually works, and how he could use that knowledge to bend a spoon, fly, or jump from a building?

Well, without having you jump from buildings or go all Uri Gellar, there is some truth in that movie. We all live in a world we often feel ourselves trapped in, being a victim of the situation. Not able to control it.

Like Neo, you can learn how to see the matrix of seduction! In our brand new, launched today, 4-hour workshop we will teach you how you can learn to see the matrix and use that knowledge to take control into your own hands.

The numbers or participants is limited, so act quickly. For only € 49,- 29,- (!) you are my student in this real-life workshop. On Saturday, 21 October 2017 in Den Haag, The Netherlands.

Book your seat NOW, so you won’t miss out.

Sometimes we have to ‘let go’ of that feeling to control things, but sometimes it’s just as simple as not knowing what you could do to take control.

Like seduction. How often have you gotten ‘lucky’? And how often did you had a goal in mind and did you take control into your own hands?

It’s like seeing the matrix. If you learn how seduction works, you learn what the process is, and how you can actively seduce a woman you like, you are like Neo. You are the chosen one. But the biggest difference with Neo is: we all can be like that. It’s a skill. Not an accident or natural-born talent. A Skill. That YOU can learn.

So that’s why we go out into the fields. Why we organize workshops, to get you to learn these skills!

So join us now. For only € 29,- you can come to the workshop in The Hague on October 21st. Tickets are available right here.

This is your chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed believing whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Dodge this.


Maurice Zondag

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Maurice Zondag

Maurice is founder of Seduction Debunked. He is Personality Coach and helps people to find their happiness again. One of the ways, is by teaching men the art of seduction. He does that through trainingprograms on Seduction Debunked and through personal coaching as dating coach. Want to know more wha that can do for you? Check out the menu above and contact Maurice directly.

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