How you achieve your goals!

It’s yet another Monday, and I’d like to introduce a theme to that:

Mentor Monday!

So today I will give you some all-round advice about how you can ACHIEVE your GOALS.

As you might think, achieving your goals is about setting them and then just go for it, right? Well, it’s not that simple. Many people fail at the point of even starting it.

I talked to someone today who had great plans. For a year she was telling me what she wanted. Her goals were set. But yet, nothing happened. So I asked her why? Why didn’t you do anything?

“Because,” she said, “If I don’t start, I also can’t fail.”

It’s a protection mechanism for her. A false one, because because she doesn’t start, she already fails!

So just going for your goals is not enough.

In this short video I will tell you how you CAN achieve your goal. Any goals. More women? Women seducing you? No more friendzone? Better quality in life? What ever it is, you CAN achieve it. With this simple mindset.

It’s been recorded at a SpeedMentoring session I did last Friday evening in Den Haag.

So what is your biggest goal you want to achieve in this way? What are you willing to fight for? Leave a comment to tell me!

talk to you soon!



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