Podcast #3 – Being An Introvert Is Very Sexy!

The name is Bond. James Bond. One of the most famous words from the movies. By one of the most attractive men on the white screen. But there is something special about this Bond character. Especially the way Daniel Craig has portrait it. Cool, calculated, in control. Agent 007 is cool. Women go crazy around him, men all want to be like him. And the special thing about Mr. Bond is the fact he’s a real Introverted guy.

We live in a world dominated by extroverted people. World leaders, CEO’s, athletes, movie-stars, it seems that if you want to become successful, you need to be outgoing, funny, dominant, egocentric, and what not more we can connect to the extroverts in the world.

But no, the hottest man in town is an introvert.

So if YOU are an introvert, and you feel overwhelmed by the social dominant extroverts: Don’t worry. There is a way how YOU can master the skills to become the next James Bond.

Just listen to this episode of the Seduction Debunked Podcast!

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Maurice Zondag

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